For as long as I can remember, music and radio have been obsessions for me. As a kid, I was always buying records, and listening to the radio. I told my careers teacher at school that I wanted to work in radio. She made all the right noises while I was with her. However, by the time I got home, she had rung my parents to get them to change my mind. I needed a trade behind me, radio was a pipe dream! 

It took a long time to start but I’ve now worked in the radio industry for nearly 25 years. In that time, I’ve presented a lot of radio shows, I’ve chosen thousands of songs for people to hear, interviewed far too many X Factor winners, worked with some amazing people, and had a wonderful time doing it. 

I also present shows 5 days a week for the local radio station for Skipton, Ilkley & Keighley Rombalds Radio

Over the years I’ve written reviews for Popped Music and a long gone but not forgotten music magazine called Sound Barrier. I’ve also reviewed acts for appearances at Sofar Sounds Leeds.