Liam is back!

Back in the day, I was a fan of Oasis. They had some great songs, as well some rubbish at times. Saw them live once and they were great, some of their fans not so much! That’s a totally different story. Since the split in 2009, I’ll be honest, I’ve been more of Noel fan. His music has appealed to me more than some of the material that Liam has been putting out. Plus I’ve always found Noel more entertaining in interviews, Liam always seemed less likeable. My opinion of Liam changed a bit when I watched the documentary As It Was. He actually came across as, well, alright!

I’ve seen both live and I saw Noel 4 years ago yesterday actually, and he was the better. In my opinion.

I’m not saying that Liam hasn’t put out some great tunes, because he has. And his latest, Better Days, is one of them, it’s a killer tune, with Liam on top form. And the video is ace too.

His new album C’mon You Know is out on 27th May.