New (old) Music/David Bowie – Thursday’s Child

This was the song that got me back in to listening to David Bowie. A lot of the stuff he had released in the nineties had passed me by if I’m honest, but when I heard this on the radio, I really liked it, and bought the album Hours from which this comes and then his last 4 albums until he died in 2016.

In all the years since the song came out I’ve never seen the video for the song. Until today! I think David Bowie is the only person who could make a music video centered around getting washed and doing your contact lenses. And also make it as freaky as this video!

The reason this song is back around, is the release of a multi disc collection called Brilliant Adventure made up of the albums he released between 1992 – 2001. Basically the era that passed me by. The collection also includes the long lost album TOY, that was recorded following David’s Glastonbury 2000 performance. The plan was to record new versions of songs he’d first recorded from 1964-1971 and then release it as soon as a ‘surprise’ album. However the story goes that the technology in 2001 made it impossible to release it out to fans as instantly as David wanted. So he moved on and started recording what would be become the album Heathen!

As a fan of his greatest hits obviously, but more so of his later releases, I’m looking forward to finally hearing the long lost album.