Track(s) of the Month/January 2022

I’m sorry that the site hasn’t been updated very much over the last few months. No excuses, I’ve been having too many parties and work gatherings! Or it could be that I’ve just been too busy or struggled to find time to actually sit down and write something!

As I haven’t been around here this month so far, I’ve missed praising a couple of really good songs that have come out this month, so lets do that now.

First off is the return of Muse.

Won’t Stand Down is the first new music since 2018 and it seriously kicks some ass! Over the last couple of albums, the band have moved away from their rock roots and experimented with more electronic sounds. But boy have they got their rock back on this monster.

The verses have a more commercial feel to them but then the chorus is immense, with crashing riffs, thrashy drums and distorted vocals. And the breakdown is just brilliant. This is going to be a crowd pleaser when they go out on tour. It’s easily the heaviest track they have done since “Knights of Cydonia” in 2006.

Matt Bellamy told Rolling Stone “’Won’t Stand Down’ is a song about standing your ground against bullies, whether that be on the playground, at work or anywhere. Protecting yourself from coercion and sociopathic manipulation and to face adversity with strength, confidence and aggression.”

And the video is pretty damn good too! If this an example of what a new album is going to sound like, bring it on.

My second favourite track released this month, couldn’t be more different.

Sigrid has been a favourite in the Bewes household for a few years now, in fact her gig at Leeds 02 in November 2019 was the last live concert we went to before, well you know! She’s teamed up with the talented Griff for a single that is a slice of pop perfection. It’s great. Sigrid told the NME “It’s about that feeling when you meet someone who just flips everything upside down and you can’t focus on anything else but that person.”

It looks like they had a lot of fun making the video as well.