Read – Quite by Claudia Winkleman

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been bothered one way or another about Claudia. I’ve seen her occassionally on Strictly where she is funny sometimes and I’ve never listened to her on the radio. However I saw her being interviewed on the Graham Norton Show on BBC 1 and liked the sound of the book, so I bought it. And after the heaviness of the Mark Lanegan book, I needed soemthing light next, and this fit perfectly.

The book is broken into 6 sections. A few of them include Quite Important (To Me) which looks at the likes of Napping – what are the basic laws of napping? Claudia explains, Swagger, Art, and of course her famous fringe. In Quite Big she discusses Strictly, Being Wrong, The Tube – she loves the Tube – and Fashion. Quite True looks at Parenthood and why You Must Stay with Him If… He laughs at your Joke more Than Once, he properly talks to you, he laughs at himself and he notices what perfume is.

It’s funny, very funny at times, and more than anything, when you are reading it, you can hear her voice. If this is going to annoy you, it’s possibly not going to be the book for you.

It’s a very easy read, whether you want to sit and absorb in one or two sittings or whether you are going to dip in and out in shout bursts.

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