The Barnestormers – a riotous rockabilly rave-up!

One Sunday evening, I’m scrolling through YouTube and come across an interview with a singer called Jimmy Barnes. This is a guy that I’ve been a fan of for a good 30 years or more. The interview was about his new collaboration with a guitarist called Chris Cheney, who I didn’t know if I’m being honest, but they had been mates for years and had long promised to record together. So, they had taken advantage of the lockdowns to finally record an album together. With Slim Jim of The Stray Cats and Jools Holland…..Wait….what? Jimmy Barnes had recorded an album with Slim Jim and Jools? How did I not know about this? I’ve been a fan of Jimmy’s for decades, but this news had passed me by completely.

So, the obvious thing to do was to head to Spotify the next day and take a listen, and I wasn’t disappointed. Well, apart from the fact the album is just over 30 minutes long. Jimmy’s voice sounds so good on the album, you wouldn’t think he had screaming at the top of voice for over 50 years. He is in his element here. Cheney produces some amazing solos and riffs, while Slim Jim is keeping the beat going on drums as you would expect, but boy is Jools in fine form on this album. His piano playing brought the air piano out for me when I was listening. (I’m more an air guitar/drums guy, but when the mood takes me, I’m pretty good at the air piano!)

Some of the reviews for the album include This is ’50s jukebox jamming at it’s rockin’ and rollin’ best, “The Barnestormers’ self-titled debut is a success from start to finish because the aim is simple: having fun, and “The Barnestormers is one of 2023’s great party records.”

If you’re fan of rockabilly, or just good rock music produced by a few mates having a blast, then I suggest you check this album out.