Watch – Joe Turner – Retina (Live)

‘There’s no good new music around these days’ they say. ‘No one has any talent any more, it’s all manufactured rubbish’ they say. Well I say – you just need to look a little deeper. There’s tons of great new music around. And most of it just doesn’t get picked up by the mainstream radio stations.

I think BBC Radio 6 Music does a great job at playing music that most other stations don’t or won’t tocuh, but even they obviously can’t play everything and they seem to to have their favourites who get playlisted (hello Idles, Fountaines DC, I’m talking about you) whether the track is any good or not. I suppose it’s all subjective.

The whole point of this post is to point you in the direction of the brilliant Joe Turner. It’s ridiculous how good this guy is. You want proof? Just watch the above video and tell me he’s not bloody ace.

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